Mini Hiatus

So, I know I’m pretty new at this, and I shouldn’t be on hiatus this soon, but I am publishing a new book in just a little over a month! It’s seriously my favorite thing that I’ve ever written and I want to put a lot of energy into this project so that’s what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks.

I am pumped as hell for this book. This book is for you if you like any of the following:

  1. LGBTQ+ Books
  2. Books with Magic
  3. Mental Health Representation
  4. Characters of Color
  5. Character driven books
  6. Strong female characters
  7. Multiple changing perspectives in a book

As our Beta Reader put it

This novel is like, “Yes hello I am an unholy abomination between an outcast hopeful 80s movie, the lovechild of To Kill a Mockingbird being ROFLCHUCKED at Catcher in the Rye, with a touch of Marvel.” When I was reading this I was asking, WTF is this literature? I bet it’s literature. If I was a teacher I would make children read this. Because there’s magic so it’s cool but also, “how to explain what mental illness and abuse and trauma kinda looks like”

Our Beta Reader is just… she’s amazing. I love her so much.

I’ll probably be posting more about it, because this is so important to me seriously important to me. I want to share this one with everyone. I know I want to share all my books with the world, but this is the big one. This is the most important one to me.

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