Kanin Chronicles Continued

You heard that right. I’m coming back for more. I listened to the first trilogy by Amanda Hocking, known as the Trylle Trilogy. It was her second series she ever wrote, and at moments it shows. But that’s not to say it’s bad. I could neither recommend it nor tell people to shy away from it.

The Trylle Trilogy, mostly the first book, suffers from many of the typical YA tropes. To be fair it was written in 2013, where most books did, so some of that can be forgiven.

She leans SO HARD into the “keeping secrets from the main character” to an almost comical degree. It’s all in an effort to keep information from the audience. It was past the point of believably.

But I’m not here to talk about the Trylle Trilogy. Now that I’ve listened to it, I’ve come to realize just how… much worse the Kanin Chronicles actually are. It’s kind of amazing. There are just a few things that now that I understand the established world… I can actually point out.

If you haven’t read it, I recommend reading my first review found here: Kanin Chronicles

The biggest problem with the series as a whole is a serious lack of consistency with the Troll’s magic. Every one of the various Troll tribes are gifted with magic.

  • I guess they all have some persuasion among other things.
  • The Kanin have the ability to camouflage, they can change their skin color and completely blend in with their surroundings.
  • The Trylle have extreme telekinesis and healing and the ability to grow plants. (Can you tell which one she came up with first/cared about the most?
  • The Vittra have super strength and sometimes immortality.
  • The Omte have super strength too.
  • The Skojare have gills and can breathe underwater.

So, it’s straightforward.

Spoilers ahead, just a heads up.

The whole point of the Trylle Trilogy is that Wendy, the main character, is half Trylle and half Vittra. She was the result of a union between the two monarchs of their tribes because the Trylle’s abilities age them. The idea was Wendy would have the Vittra’s strength and the Trylle’s abilities resulting in the best of both worlds.

That’s all fine and good until… you consider that the main character of the Kanin Chronicles is half Skojare and half Kanin, which is severely frowned upon because as a half-breed she has none of their abilities

Because mixing tribes results in no abilities.

Did I miss something?? Did I misunderstand? Did Hocking forget everything she established in the previous series?

Is it that when a Skojare mixes with a different tribe their abilities cancel the other’s out? If so, why?????

They’re all supposed to be like, the same species. Why is it that those two mixes result in nothing but other mixes don’t? Because Wendy and Bryn aren’t the only two with mixed blood. It’s mentioned as something that’s not atypical in the Trylle trilogy. And all those mixes resulted in those people having powers.

I really, really don’t understand it.

Like I get it, you needed Bryn to have ties between the Kanin and Skojare. You could have had your cake and eaten it too. I spent a lot of time thinking that it would turn out she was going to have her powers unlocked during the course of the series.

Instead we hear about how much she wants to fuck her boss despite them lacking chemistry of any kind.

Also, just putting it out there because I decided not to mention it in the original post.

When Bryn and her love interest fuck, it’s literally she climbs on top of him, ride him, and they orgasm together and she goes on about how it’s the best sex of her life. I actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I heard that. I had to pause it and laugh my ass off.

In the Trylle Trilogy there’s actually chemistry between Wendy and her Love interest. When they have sex, it’s actually a decently written sex scene.

I laughed until it hurt.

And don’t give me any “but it’s YA it can’t feature much sex.” The sex scene in her first Troll series was so much more detailed and extensive.

So yeah, that’s all I’ve got this time.

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