Long Hiatus

Well that was a thing I did. It wasn’t intentional, I totally promise. I spent a long time trying to publish a single book, which turned out to be a lot more work than I’d expected. I’ve published five before this one, but the issue was more about the story than about technical issues.

Long story short, I’d written a novella for between book one and book two, and as I was doing those post beta edits… it took me three months to finish them, and ultimately just… shoved the novella to the start of the book and then sent it of for editing. Then editing took forever because I hadn’t actually done any editing on the novella.

So yeah. That was taking forever.

But I’m still listening to, and then not finishing things. That’s just sort of my MO. I have been listening to so much Adventure Zone, like listening to the whole series–yes all the seasons–over and over.

It’s probably because I’m so discontent with the offerings of Audible.

Though I have most certainly added many free books since I got the romance package, yeah, I know that was probably not the best idea but man, I should really start listening to them. 3 of the ones I have downloaded are because I like the author and the series. Two are because I’m interested in them, and want to give them a try. One is Prince of Wolves, which I’m procrastinating on.

Three of them are because I really really think they’re going to be bad.

I do actually have two books right now that I’m hardcore thinking about quitting. One, is from a series I like–but have issues with–and the other was a compilation of 4 books with like 30 hours total? Well… let’s just say I’m glad I got it for free.

I don’t have a problem with short novels, but if I’m going to be spending money–even if it’s credits–I want to get my money’s worth. I don’t want a short book, I want at least ten hours per book. Maybe I’m a picky bitch, but that’s what you’ve come for.

So hopefully, I’m gonna keep this up, I feel so excited to just vent about these books, and I hope you like it!

Also there’s going to be more Prince of Wolves, I promise.

Until next time!

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