Brennan is an author, writer, artist, graphic designer, artist, and helps run a small publishing company. She brings her expertise in both her previously published works, which includes Angel Syndrome, and her other writing pursuits. Her books are story driven within brilliantly creative landscapes and feature LGBTQ+ characters. She has published seven books which she wrote with her creative partner, Nick, and together they are working on a eight, ninth, tenth, eleventh, twelfth…

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Many books. They’ve got a lot.

As a reader she’s much pickier. She has a lot to say and hopes you take the time to listen because sometimes she likes to think she’s funny.

She holds a BA in Communication with a focus in Mass Media so it’s no surprise that she is a published Journalist and blogger. Her DNF Diaries blog features books she started to read but were so terrible that she makes fun of them for your enjoyment. But it’s not just bad books that she features. She also features recommendations and books that… they weren’t horrible enough to abandon, but they’re not good enough to recommend. The latter makes up the the TLC section!