Another Year

It has been about a year since my last post, and I am sorry about that. I can’t even blame the global climate for my hiatus. I’ll be honest, I had actually been working on turning some of my reviews into YouTube videos, but that just never got off the ground. I don’t have a good recording space, despite having a really good microphone. Things have been up and down and all over the place, and I’m finally medicated for some of my worst issues. It’s been a roller coaster, but I think it’s starting to even out.

All that being said… I have a new target. I’ve been sleeping on updates for a while, partially because I couldn’t handle negativity, partially because I didn’t have any new material, and partially because I got stuck in a loop. I was so starved for content that I listened to a series I like again, despite having finished it before. That’s 150 hours. That’s a lot of hours. No I won’t say the series, but it is one I’ve stated my hatred for in the past. I’ve upgraded it from hatred to tolerance. There are good ideas, but it isn’t like, a series I would ever recommend except for somewhat academic reasons.

That paragraph went off the rails. Anyway, I have a new book to go after.

A year ago, just over a year ago, I picked up what I thought might be a good, fun sapphic romance and some epic fantasy.

Technically I wasn’t wrong. There is a sapphic romance and epic fantasy.

It isn’t good.

It isn’t fun.

Gird your loins. It’s a bumpy ride.

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